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The uses of forum posts are invaluable to a company as they are everywhere and will have thousands of people commenting on them as to what they think will work and what won’t. The best way to get your company known on the forums is to make sure an account is made on all of the forums that are relevant to your market and comment on them about your company and what it is you do and to post links of your websites on them so if there are people interested they can have a look themselves. The only thing about this method is that it is unethical to post a vast amount of links to your website, this is seen as unfair. Another factor you have to take into consideration is that you have to make sure that the discussions you are commenting on are relevant to you and your website because if this is not the case then it is going to make you look pretty stupid if you are joining a discussion about something that is completely different to what your website has to offer. Not only will this method make your brand better recognised it will also increase the amount of visits to your website which will eventually up your page rankings on the search engines, giving you an edge on the competition of your market.




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