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Having a great online presence is essential these days. Ensuring that your visitors find you, and can easily work out how to use your website and then actually do what you ask them to is also a must. Your website can be used by every English speaker in the world. But did you know that English is only the 3rd most popular language in the world after Chinese and Spanish?

That’s about 1.3 Billion people who can’t understand your website, even if they can find it!

We’re sure you realise how much money you will add to your bottom line by being able to sell to all these customers. Having your website translated and localised by Artofdata website designers is the only way to manage this.

Translation and localisation

Website translation is a tricky job. In a way it’s just like hiring a copywriter, word for word translation just doesn’t work because language is never that literal.

Only highly qualified professional translators should work on your website to translate and localise it, not people in your company who speak a bit of a language. This is because language is a living breathing thing which develops over time and, just like you, trained translators keep up to date with changes in their roles.

Having the pages localised is something that is really best left to our in-country translators. They know the local customers and will ensure that your translated website really speaks to your target country. Localisation goes beyond just the words used on your website, it includes the images, colours and tone of voice used.

Every language. Every subject

Artofdata website design can translate into over 150 languages and work in any type of subject. If you have a website about cups and you need it in Chinese or a website about industrial engineering into Italian, you can rest assured that our website translators will produce only the highest quality translation for you.

Multilingual CMS

If you have overseas branches our website development team will create you a site that can be updated by staff in their domestic language


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