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ArtofData retail website designers created a new eCommerce website for Cheese etc.

The Pangbourne Cheese Shop is independently owned by Ali & Jen Grimstone-Jones who… Like the rest of their knowledgeable shop staff, are passionate about serving great cheese. They always have over 100 cheeses for you to taste so you can choose a familiar favourite cheese or experience something new. There old website looked good but was awfully slow and was not providing many online sales. 

Dramatically Increase online sales

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Retail website designers, What we did...

Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we developed a modern fast shopping web site for Ali and Jen to sell their wonderful selection of Cheeses, Cheese Biscuits and Chutneys.

Artofdata website designers Reading installed a brand-new version of WordPress and WooCommerce. To this website we installed the minimum number of plugins to ensuring they have better functionality and greater speed. In addition, we did not try to fix the original website. We find a new build provides far greater benefits than fixing an outdated solution.

Dedicated Server Hosting

We have also placed the website on its own web server. Having your website on your own web server provides many benefits. In addition, not just speed but the fact you are not sharing bandwidth with other unknown customers of the hosting company. As a bonus, your website gets its own IP address. Search engines reward website with their own IP address.

Another website on your shared server could contaminate your website with malicious code. Being isolated protects you from cross contamination. Above all it keeps you safe.

By the way we are an ISP and hosting company. All our websites are hosted and maintained on our own web servers. Our Server are in Old Nuclear Bunker Sandwich Kent. For instance, If your website, gets over 500 unique hits a day or your online sales are greater than £1000 you should consider dedicated server hosting. Be aware of shared hosting, your website is business critical.

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Overcoming SEO migration problems

On moving products and sales information across to the new platform. Above all, we had to ensure that the format and integrity of the data remained constant. Developing under a test domain. Allowed Ali and Jen to see the progress of the site as it was built. Enabling them to suggest changes to the new design on the fly. Cheese etc had over one hundred cheeses indexed on search engine. However these pages were indexed with the wrong website addresses for example.

Old website address /product/tintern/

New website address: /cheese-shop/cheese/flavoured-cheese/welsh/onion-flavoured-cheese/tintern-cheese/

Similarly, the old website address did not mention they were a cheese shop. The fact that they were selling Tintern cheese not the village of Tintern. Changing the domain name for the product landing page has got Cheese etc to number 3 on the search engines for “Tintern Cheese” behind the manufacturer and Wikipedia.

As the old pages were indexed on the search engines. Importantly, we had to make sure customers were not presented with a blank page. However, when clicking on these old links presented by the SERPS (Search engine results pages) we did not want a 404 page not found error. We have added 301 redirects to all the renamed pages. Therefore, we try to retain as many correctly indexed pages as possible. In conclusion, If this process is not undertaken correctly it can destroy an online business.

Retail Search Engine Optimisation

As retail website designers, we made sure the title, metadata and description of the product landing pages are correct. Therefore, providing  maximum search engine coverage. In addition, the product category naming has been vastly improved too. The importance of product category SEO cannot be ignored. We have taught Jen to search engine optimise the product landing pages herself. However, by correctly naming images and adding the correct number of keywords to the text she has achieved this. Well done Jen!

After that, we activated xml site map and registered it with google search console. Please ensure that this is done on your website.

As Jen knows far more about cheese than we do, she can apply our SEO techniques to her product descriptions. This has had the desired result and online sales have quadrupled.are

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cheese shop in pangbourne website design


The customer reordering process has been streamlined

On the old website customers were having problems reordering their favourite cheese. They had to manually enter all their details and recreate their basket monthly. Woo-commerce comes with the free ability to place repeat orders. We simply enabled this option. Once a customer has registered and ordered. They can simply log in to their account go to the historic orders section and click the order again button. We have instructed customers how to do this on the Cheese etc repeat orders page

In conclusion, we have provided a solution which Ali and Jen are very happy with. This solution will help them to continue to grow their successful cheese monger business.

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