Cheese Etc

The Pangbourne Cheese Shop is independently owned by Ali & Jen Grimstone-Jones who, like the rest of their knowledgeable shop staff, are passionate about serving great cheese. They always have over 100 cheeses for you to taste so you can choose a familiar favourite or experience something new. 


What we did

Using WordPress and Woocommerce, we developed modern shopping web site for Ali and Jen to sell their wonderfull selection of Cheeses, Cheese Biscuits and Chutneys.

cheese shop pangbourne website design
cheese shop pangbourne web site design


overcoming problems

On moving the products and sales information across to the new platform, we had to ensure that the format and integrity of the data remained constant. Developing under a test domain allowed Ali and Jen to see the progress of the site as it progressed and enabled them to suggest changes to the new design.

cheese shop reading website design
cheese shop in pangbourne website design



The customer reordering process has been stream lined and the product landing pages have been optimised for search engines SEO.

We have provided a solution which Ali and Jen are very happy with and which will help them to continue to grow their successful business.

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