Nursery school web design: Little Oaks Nursery

Nursery school web design. Our client, who already had two other Nursery’s, has recently purchased another and asked us to produce a new web site design to show prospective Mum’s and Dad’s what the children do at Little Oaks Nursery.


What we did

Using WordPress and elementor, we developed a site with Children in mind. We, therefore, decided on bright colours and some fun animated text.

Images were provided by the Nursery in Tilehurst of various views of the playing areas showing the activities that are carried out daily.

As a website design agency, we work with a large variety of clients. From small nurseries to large corporations. Working with these small fun sites can be the most rewarding.

nursery school word press design
nursery school web design



We wanted to include the teachers who are a very important part of the nursery. We, therefore, created a dedicated page that provides a brief description and a photo so that the children can show their parents who taught them during the day.

See the Little Oaks Children’s Nursery Tilehurst Gallery here. The Gallery has filters at the top and fun animation to populate the photo results. Permission to use the children’s images had been provided.

There are strict rules applying to children’s nurseries and GDPR.

nursery school web site design
nursery school wordpress design


Nursery school web design solutions

As a web design company, we have provided a complete solution to Little Oaks Nursery including managing their domain name, supporting their email services, and providing and hosting a modern, dynamic, fun, and child-friendly website.

This website is provided with a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to allow staff to make changes to the site, although we are always available for advice and back-up.

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