Norrie Carr

London Model Agency needed a new bespoke website to display models images to compete in a highly competitive industry.


What we did

After discussion with the team at Norrie Carr we came away with a very good idea of what they wanted.  We then set about researching their industry.  After which we put together a design brief of what we felt they needed. 


Norrie Carr Agency



overcoming problems

The main functionality of the site needed to display in a clear manner, the many images of their models and to display them in a random order each time the page is loaded.  This required the pages to be built dynamically. 

We also needed to include a detailed section for each model, including multiple images.  Then each of these models could be added to a ‘Lightbox’ almost like a favourites area for viewing again later.   

All wrapped up in an easy to use interface so Norrie Carr could add, remove and edit models details and photographs as and when they need to themselves.

mdel agency web design services



We produced a fully responsive tailor made solution.  Incorporating all their wish list items. With high quality images and easily laid out pages. All editable by them.

We are confident this website will create the perfect platform for Norrie Carr and its many clients and models.  

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