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There are so many good social bookmarking websites, hundreds in fact, but there is one very important factor you have to take into account when submitting your web pages and that is making sure they are submitted to the right ones and not too often. So what exactly are social bookmarking sites? Well they are simply a place where you can submit a link to one of the pages on your chosen website with a small description of what the page entails. There are so many people that love these sites, such as the largest search engine on the web Google; this simply means that they are an excellent way to acquire new customers to be funnelled to your websites and getting strong backlinks in the process. This whole process is extremely time consuming due to the fact that all of these bookmarks have to be different, and if your are doing this too often then Google will think that you are trying to cheat the system and could ban you from putting more links on their search engine. Luckily we are experts at this process and know just exactly when and how to bookmark your site without Google suspecting anything, this is because we want to get the best results and this done through fresh content.


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