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And that’s a minimum!

Google considers your page ‘thin’ if you have 300 words or less and you won’t rank highly in a search.

Having great design is a major factor but the words give the greater picture of you and your services. Developing content based on key areas of your business with give the greatest results.

Want fantastic content but don't want to write it?

We can provide a professional content writing service.  We will write your content with a view of also ensuring you are found on search engines such as Google, yahoo etc.

Write content with your customers in mind...

There’s so much you would like to tell potential customers, but what do they need and want to know? Content needs to answer a client’s questions, quickly and simply.

Great words to support fantastic images

Images are fantastic but they cannot provide the full picture. Before and After images are amazing for many businesses. Include a detailed description of the process which also answers many faq’s this could help sell you to a potential client.

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