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increased sales, reduced overheads.

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A fully integrated online shopping cart can increase revenues and reduce costs.
Lets explain how……..

A customer places an online order via your website, the details of that order are seamlessly linked to your sage package allowing you to download sales orders, customer data and transactions all in one place.

Tired of rekeying website purchases into your accounts package?

We can integrate you website shopping cart and your accounts package so there’s no need for re-keying your customer orders.  

Want to advertise on Google shopping?

But don’t want to upload 5,000 + products manually? We can automate the creation of your Google Products bulk upload.

E-commerce solution large or small?

We understand that cost is important. That is why for every e-commerce website we build, large or small; we always supply a fully itemised quotation with no hidden costs.

Some important notes

E-commerce details

Do you have a merchant number? Your bank can issue you with one, most banks will require a business transaction history and as this can take fourteen days to receive, contacting your bank first will be especially useful if you are under a tight deadline. Do not let them try and charge you for this! You only need the number.

Do you have product images? Depending on your type of business, some suppliers will issue you with stock photographs to use on your website.  However, if you need photographs we can provide a professional photographer.

How complex is your shop? To avoid repetition, we will include product parameters for items that are a single item, but available in different sizes or colours.

1 Tier

A one tier system would be if you were just selling one type of animal. eg.

  • Dog

2 Tier

A two tier shop (Category | Sub Category)

  • Dog
  • Bull Dog
  • Basset Hound