Anti Virus / Spam Service

We provide Barricade MX+ on clustered servers for our on-line e-mail scanning as itís the most accurate, high performance spam and virus security software available.

BarricadeMX PLUS is the most flexible Email Security software solution available.
PLUS is suitable for companies or organizations of any size or demographic.
PLUS is a completely customisable and works the way you do.

No matter what your unique needs and requirements are, we have a solution available.

BarricadeMX PLUS uses multiple strategies to combat spam and malware. This includes IP Reputation, Sender Reputation, Sender Behaviour, Bayes Filtering and our own proprietary Technology to determine if an email is safe or not. Spam capture rates higher that 99% are typical and with our zero day blocks, you can count on us to keep you safe.
Typical features include:

  •      Custom Black and White lists
  •      Anti Spoof Protection
  •      Domain or Per-User Spam Scoring
  •      Phishing Protection
  •      Spyware Detection
  •      Quarantine Reports
  •      Multi-User Interface
  •      Unicast & Multicast Support
  •      Virus & Malware Protection

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