Estate Agents

Artofdata Ltd has 10 years experience of working with estate agents to produce websites that deliver excellent results and a huge increase in sales leads.

References and testimonials can be produced if requested. Our websites are self maintaining, therefore we do not charge huge maintenance fees.

If you have a digital camera, images can be uploaded in seconds online. If you can use word processing software then you will be able to change the text on your web site easily.

Search engine placement

Search engine placement is incredibly important to your business therefore all our websites are search engine optimised from the outset. We will help you choose the correct URL (website address) if you do not have one already and build the site around the key phrases your customers will type into search engines to find your business. Search engine optimisation is part of our service.

Please type 'property in reading' or 'property to let in Reading' into or will appear in the top 20 results.

Website Pages

All our estate agent websites are designed to be viewed on an 800/600 screen size this is the industry standard. One of our in house designers will produce a choice of designs for you based on you logo and corporate ID.

Website Designed for an Estate Agent for students
Website Designed for Euro-Link Estate Agents


We ensure that your customers do not get lost in your site by producing a user friendly navigation menu:

Horizontal at the top of the page from left to right


Vertical from top to bottom on the left hand side of the page

Three phase buttons

  • Default
  • Hover
  • Clicked

Home Page

  • Your Logo and contact details:
  • Address
  • Email
  • Tel/Fax
  • Bespoke design based on you logo and corporate ID.
  • Moving graphic can be added if requested.
  • Search engine information

Searchable property database, search by cost or number of rooms or location.


To Let

  • Tiled Search Results Thumbnail picture
  • Large Picture
  • Email Property Details

For Sale

  • Tiled Search Results Thumbnail picture
  • Large Picture
  • Email Property Details


  • Online Form


  • Online Form


  • Online Form


  • Online Form


Site Map (List of every site on page)

RSS If required

Online registration


Ecommerce, collect rent over the internet

Shopping cart of properties

Online forms are sent to you via email and include you Logo and contact details. Enquiries about home are added to your marketing database that is accessed online in your content management application.