Wordpress is the largest blogging tool in the world, and powers over 17% of the web. It is used on millions of sites and is trusted as the backbone of all kinds of sites, from small local businesses to international corporations and magazines.

The beauty of Wordpress is that it is open source and free to use. Not only does this saves you money as we don't have to build a CMS from scratch, but there are also thousands of free plugins which can be added to your site for increased functionality.

It's really simple to edit your website with Wordpress. We set you up with a user account and teach you how to add and edit your own content. You can edit your site on your phone, your PC, laptop, even by text! The site updates automatically and your new content is live with minimal fuss. You can add pictures, slideshows, galleries, documents, all sorts of things to spice up your content.

We use this great tool to build you beautiful bespoke websites that run on top of one of the easiest content management systems to use. So you get a great looking and responsive website, as well as a sturdy and easy to use content management system for a lot less than it would cost to code from scratch.

Wordpress is extremely flexible and be the backbone of all kinds of sites, magazines, blogs, shops, brochure sites. Any type of website you can think of can be built on top of the Wordpress platform. Wordpress offers easy integration with your social media pages and campaigns, and also comes with some really powerful SEO tools which we can use to push your site up the search engine listings. We can also teach you how to use these programs to ensure that each time you add new content to your site, you are giving it the boost it needs.

Wordpress is also free for life, so you don't have to worry about any licensing fees, or costly back end updates.