building services group

Formed in 1986, Building Services Group (BSG) progressed from design and construction monitoring in the Middle East to full design and survey work for InterContinental and various Royal Families and major commercial organisations across the globe.


What we did

Using WordPress, we developed modern framework detailing the sectors that Building Services Group work within and the projects within these sectors.

web site development building companies
web site design building services group


overcoming problems

Being involved with large prestigeous projects throughout the world, Building Services Group had many high resolution images that they wanted to show. Artofdata worked on displaying these images so that they were crisp, clear and fast to download.

web site design building companies
Building Services Group web design



We have provided a brochure web site providing an insight for potential clients into the type of projects the company is involved with throughout the world.

Our client can now add new projects to his web site promote his business and its diversity.

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