WordPress Plugin Developers

We are professional WordPress Plugin Developers, working from Reading, Berkshire in England. Besides being seasoned developers, Artofdata are SEO experts. As a result, we will get your page on to the front page of the Search Engine Results Pages SERPs. By the way we recommend the Yoast SEO plugin. Many of our plugins are bespoke. This time, we decided to publish one of our favourites. Therefore, the sequential invoice number plugin has been launched.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was originally a blogging platform. But over time it has taken over the world. It is estimated more than a third of the websites on the internet use WordPress. There are hundreds of thousands of plugins to choose from. Most of the plugins are free. Booking forms, appointment forms and whole ecommerce platforms can be plugged into WordPress. Making WordPress the most versatile platform available.

Most of our clients use WooCommerce for their online shopping websites. Moreover, WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin has become the most popular platform for Ecommerce.

WordPress website Design

Although we do program bespoke applications. Most of our clients use WordPress. We would love to charge thousands to modify a bespoke website. But why do so when free plugins are available. Premium plugins are also available costing up £250 per year. WordPress Plugins can save you thousands of pounds.

Why use Artofdata Website Designers

Artofdata is a company not a one-man band. Multiple developers will program and test our plugins before launch. As a priority User Experience (UX) and security are double checked.

Keeping plugins UpToDate

Our plugins are not left to rot. We regularly test for legacy issues. Artofdata will test on beta versions of WordPress’s future releases. As a company guarantee our plugins will not be abandoned.

Our Private plugins for WooCommerce

PDF invoicing

CSV export orders

CSV export picking lists to fulfilment houses