Insta Attire

Insta Attire is set to be the next generation of fashion retail stores, selling predominantly urban & fitness fashion brands from around the world aimed at both men and women in the 16 to 35-year age range.


What we did

Using WordPress, we developed modern framework with certain sections based around the colours of Instagram as this is the focus of the marketing campaign and so will have a familiar look.


mens clothing


overcoming problems

Being a dynamic brochure site with moving text and images, the mobile, tablet and PC views all required to be configured and set-up individually for their own view. This was not a huge problem but time consuming.

fashion clothing
insta attire shopping



We have provided a complete solution to Insta Attire by managing their domain name, supporting their email services and providing and hosting a modern, dynamic, brochure web site.

Our client can now promote his business through the web site with confidence knowing that his web site portrays his ambitions. 

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