SEO Reading

It is essential that SEO is built into the design and architecture of your website. Increasing the number of relevant visitors from search engines will ensure that your project is profitable. We are a web design company but we have to promote your website on search engines too.

We don’t just do the easy obvious search engine optimisation. Please inspect your logo on your current website. I have written an article here to explain more. How to SEO your Logo

No traffic? Do you use SEO tools?

Ok, so you have a beautiful website design. However, you aren’t making many sales. If this is the case you need to ensure you can be found on search engines. Hence, SEO has to be put into action.  We have tools that will analyse your website and flag problems. Moreover, we look at your competitors and evaluate how they have got to the first page of Google, etc. Google has its own SEO tool, the Google search console.

We use proven tools the Moz SEO toolbar provides a wealth of SEO statics. David our SEO manager uses Majestic’s SEO tools to help you climb the search engines

SEO Reading! Proven Record and visible Results

As an SEO Reading company, we get spam email from dodgy SEO Companies offering to optimise this website! They have obviously not looked here. Otherwise, why waste time approaching a competitor company. Unfortunately, some of our clients and even some of my friends, have fallen for there offers. Guaranteed number one on google. As a result, they have wasted a lot of money for nothing.

We can prove we know what we are talking about. Please type the following highlight words into a search engine. All these companies are on the first page for their company services. Even more, some of these services are very competitive.

SEO Reading – Please feel free to test our results

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