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Are we a website design agency?

Artofdata website design agency! We have four key members of staff Katie (Maidstone Kent) a professional graphic designer and head of creativity. Pete database design and programming (Reading Berkshire). Colin Project management and overall control based in Eastbourne East Sussex. Haden in Ashford, makes sure everything runs smoothly from behind the scenes in the server rooms. However, we have several subcontractors that we use regularly.

Web Agency? Digital Agency? Online Marketing Agency?

We employ many other subcontractors for specialist online projects. WordPress plugin programmers and Microsoft certified programmers for bespoke websites. Thus, enabling us to create complex online solutions.

We also have Windows, Apple, and Android App developers. So we are a website design agency, not just website designers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Dave in Bracknell Berkshire is an SEO specialist who has helped us get many websites to the top of the search engines. We are good at SEO but sometimes we need a little more help. Thorough Search engine optimisation takes a long time and can be boring. In other words, Dave has the patience to get websites to the top of Google and Bing. He only uses proven techniques.

Microsoft .net programming

Chris (Swanage) creates fantastic online applications and systems

He’ s a system developer with over 35 years’ computer experience. Skills include web site and front-end design and development. Database design including data warehouse and performance improvement. Building and Interfacing to remote service providers.

ArtofData Projects
Online Refrigeration Systems.
Walk the Thames Path online mapping application.
Railway system Image Viewer.

Past Recent Projects

Honda – Mobile app to support the vehicle stock check system.

Havas – Marketing software for large Customer Management System, database scripts, and data cleaning.

Nationwide Building Society – Corporate data warehouse and Bank migration.

Linkedin Marketing

Jason (Vancouver Canada). Would you like 1000 active LinkedIn connections in your line of business? Jason uses his special tools to extract potential customers from Linkedin. Jason will also start an initial conversation with the targeted leads.  

Facebook Marketing

Sally (Manchester). Targeted advertising on Facebook can be very complicated and expensive. Sally is a certified social media expert. Sally has saved our clients thousands of pounds on Facebook marketing. In addition, Sally also has the tools to grow your following on Facebook and Twitter.  

App development

Johnny (London). Why program three separate apps for three different devices. Johnny will create one Microsoft App then automatically convert it into an iPhone and Android App. 

Content writing

Sarah (Chilterns). Sarah is a professional Journalist who has worked for The Mirror Newspaper. She will take a sentence and convert it into a paragraph. In addition, Sarah will also pepper the article with relevant keywords. Above all, outbound hyperlinks and internal links are added to the document. Complimenting Dave’s SEO work above. Pete, Dave, and Sarah regularity work together on larger projects. Therefore, we get websites promoted to the top of the search engines faster. However, if your English is not perfect or you don’t have the time or inclination to write 300 words plus of compelling text. Sarah will describe all of your products and services for you. The text will be analysed for passive voice and transition words. Did you know google analyses the reading age the text on your website? Above all good word- smithed text written with search engines in mind is a must.  


We work with several large marketing agencies. to for instance, SmartBrand in Barcelona and Maxx Design Thatcham. Although many of our services overlap these agencies have specialist services that complement services. 



Local and International Artist

If you currently work with a graphic designer. We will happily incorporate their artwork into our designs.

Yes, we are a Website Design Agency and a Digital Agency!

So in conclusion we can help your company not just by designing your website. In addition, we can help with online marketing, search engine optimisation, and app development. 

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