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Which domain should I use?

A domain name is so important to your company and worth spending time on researching the right one for your company image.

Availability is a big issue nowadays with the top-level domains, however with the release of the new domains, there’s a lot more options available, which is great but are they worth it?

Historically, having a and a .com for a UK company was the best solution as it covered the main two domain suffixes used in the UK and protected your company name. The .com would be used as the main domain if trading internationally and the if trading solely within the UK.

Now with the new domain suffixes you have more chance of getting the name you want, as well as the suffix that descibes your business more than a traditional suffix such as .apartments and .club etc, which is great but these suffixes are not so well known and are quite expensive compared to the historic and .com’s.

From my experience, I would always prioritise on the .com / domain names as these are so well known in the industry. If neither were available, I would look into the best domain suffix that’s available that fits into my business area. These new domains will be more common as new domains are registered, so choose one of the hundreds of new domain suffixes available.

At Artofdata, we can register domain names for you. Please contact us to find out more.