For only £30.00 a month we can provide a brochure style WordPress website designed for your start-up business. We will even provide WordPress hosting in the price with a minimum contract term of two years.

Why so cheap?

This is our best price that we can provide based on a standard theme and up-to five pages that helps with your cashflow. We will design a custom website to match your corporate branding. The minimum term is two years so you will be signing up for £720.00 over the two year period.

What do I have to provide?

Your logo, the text content of the pages and your contact details.
If you aren’t comfortable writing the content for your pages or you don’t have the time or inclination to create the pages, we can do this for you, however this would be at an additional cost. We have a professional journalist that will create pages for you, so you just have to let us know the page titles.

We can provide many images for your site, but your own images would be a perfect addition to the site. If you’re sending us an image from the Internet, please ensure that you have the owners permission.

Search engine optimisation?

We will set the internal search engine optimisation for your site in order to get your website up the rankings, but we would require a list of key words and phases that you would like to rank highly for. If you are serious about search engine optimisation, we do offer this as a paid service from our SEO expert Dave.

I don’t have a logo

We would be happy to create you a logo. We would discuss the colours and fonts before creating a mock-up for your approval. This service is an additional option.

What is the minimum number of pages I need on my new website?

We would recommend four pages is the minimum number of pages you would require, but the more pages and posts the better.
Home page
Privacy Policy

What will I get:

The ability to add News (blog posts) to your site.
Add and edit pages
Upload images and place images on pages
A contact form that is GDPR compliant

As your business grows, we will help you add further functionality:
Bespoke Case Study Pages
Pay now buttons
Animations and video
Search Engine Optimisation


We will send you a video link of how to use the page builder package so that you can make future changes to your site.